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Our 2nd Annual Dairy Conference

We held our 2nd annual Dairy Conference in Thomond Park on the 10th January 2018 and thankfully it proved to be a great success. Our five guest speakers and our Chairman's insight into dairying and the content of their presentations proved invaluable.



Our bags lined the pitch itself to protect it from the weather. 


Thomond Park provided an excellent venue for holding the Conference. 


The theme for the day was 'Calf Health, Cow Health, Cow Comfort Crucial to Maximising Herd Potential.'


Our Chairman for the day was Pfr. Finbar Mulligan.


Our guest speakers on the day included Pfr. Karina Pierce, Dr. Jo Leroy, Pfr. Alan Kelly, Dr. Jon Huxley, and Drs. Bert van Niejenhuis. 


Overall it proved to be a very informative day.






We will publish the papers as we did last year for your information if demand is there.



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Grass Watch 2018 - Week 27

Samples for week 27 were taken on the 02/07/18. Average growth rates have continued to fall in the past week with growth rates nearly coming to a standstill in some areas. With these conditions set to remain for the foreseeable future and some farms already out of grass, full buffer feeding is now inevitable on some farms. Reducing daily grass demand below daily growth is a key factor in maintaining grass cover and helping to speed grass recovery following any rainfall that does occur. Rotations should be maintained at approximately 25-27 days with forage and concentrate offered to balance demand...[click to read on]... Read More »

Grass Watch 2018 - Week 25


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Grass Watch 2018: Week 24


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