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Roches Feeds - Grass Watch Week 39

Samples for week 39 were taken on the 24/9/18. Grass Growth remains good for the time of year with grass proteins also remaining high due to most farmers continuing to spread chemical fertilizer. Grass quality overall remains good with ME also remaining high. The biggest issue will be Dry matters and ensuring cows are fully fed. It is very important farmers take DM % into account when measuring and allocating grass. For every 1% reduction in DM below 18%, intake is reduced by 0.34kgDM. For example when DM is reduced from 19.1% to 13.6% grass intake is reduced by 1.5kgDM which is ~ 17 MJ which equates to a milk loss of approximately 3.2 litres. ... Read More »

Grass Watch 2018 - Week 33

Samples for week 33 were taken on the 13/08/18. Average growth rates dropped slightly last week due to the return of drought conditions in some areas but with most areas receiving rainfall in the last couple of days we expect them to improve further over the coming week.. [click to read on]... Read More »

Fodder Calculator

Our Fodder Budget Calculator will let you calculate how much fodder you currently have, how much you need and whether or not you have a shortage or surplus. It is important to decide sooner rather than later what the shortfall is and how best to make it up if there is one.... Read More »



We at Roche's Feeds wish to advise customers that every effort has been made to make the information on this website accurate. However rations may have to be changed at the discretion of the Nutritionist as a result of market forces.  Should this arise we will substitute the product with an alternative ingredient of a similar structure. A product may also be changed to improve the benefits of the mix in the best interests of the farmer.