I have been using Roches Feeds for two generations and have always found it consistent and reliable, giving excellent performance throughout our herd.

Stephen McDonagh, Howardstown, Bruree, Co. Limerick.


To me, Roche's Feeds stands for excellent quality, competitive price and a very helpful back up team. And I'm happy to entrust the Nutritional needs of the Ballythomas Herd in their hands.

Eamon McLoughney, Ballythomas Herd, Ardcroney, Co. Tipperary.


Managing a Dairy herd poses many difficulties. Grass quality and fodder quality can be very variable year on year. Our one consistent is Roche's Feeds form calf to maiden cow. Roche's Feeds supply a wide range of quality concentrates made from first class ingredients. Backed by technical advice, a friendly and courteous staff and a prompt, efficient delivery service, for me Roche's Quality Feeds deliver results.

Dermot Ryan, Sallybank, Truagh, Co. Clare.


Having used Roche's Feeds for numerous years, we find Roche's Feeds gives outstanding results for growing young stock for our pedigree and commercial production. Roche's Feeds gives us excellent quality, competitive prices and a great delivery service.

Michael Power, Askeaton, Co. Limerick.                                                                                                  www.powerlivestock.com


I have always been happy with Roche's Feeds. I Have used Roche's Super Calf Nuts for 8 Years and have found it to be an excellent product, very palatable and with excellent results on live weight gain.

Rody Costello, Ogonolloe, Co. Clare.


An obliging, supportive company who strive to provide individualised service with emphasis on animal health, quality feeds and customer satisfaction.

Caroline Rigney, Curraghchase Free Range Pork, Curraghchase, Co. Limerick.


I have used Roche's Feeds for numerous years and can honestly say that I am very satisfied with the service, price and efficiency that Roche's Feeds bring to my farm on a weekly basis.

Paul Hannon, Friarstown, Crecora, Co. Limerick.


I have been using Roche's Beef Rations to fatten bulls and heifers for the last 10 years and I'm very happy with the results. They always deliver on quality, price and always on time.

Michael Gleeson, Beef Farmer, Hospital, Co. Limerick.

Latest news

Roches Feeds Combi Milk Replacer

***Attention*** Do not compensate on quality this spring Use Roche's Feeds Combi Milk Replacer range and ensure your calves get an early head start in life. We have two specially formulated products available; Roche's Combi 50 containing 50% skim milk powder at 23% protein Roche's Combi 60 containing 60% skim milk powder at 25% protein Order a tonne before Christmas and get 2 bags free Click link below to download brochure... Read More »

Feeding Brassicas

Most animal health problems in brassicas are seen in the first few days of feeding them, particularly if hungry animals are put onto a crop. Stock intake of brassicas can be very high, and in some cases this has led to rapid death of animals.[click to read on]... Read More »

Roches Feeds - Grass Watch Week 39

Samples for week 39 were taken on the 24/9/18. Grass Growth remains good for the time of year with grass proteins also remaining high due to most farmers continuing to spread chemical fertilizer. Grass quality overall remains good with ME also remaining high. The biggest issue will be Dry matters and ensuring cows are fully fed. It is very important farmers take DM % into account when measuring and allocating grass. For every 1% reduction in DM below 18%, intake is reduced by 0.34kgDM. For example when DM is reduced from 19.1% to 13.6% grass intake is reduced by 1.5kgDM which is ~ 17 MJ which equates to a milk loss of approximately 3.2 litres. ... Read More »



We at Roche's Feeds wish to advise customers that every effort has been made to make the information on this website accurate. However rations may have to be changed at the discretion of the Nutritionist as a result of market forces.  Should this arise we will substitute the product with an alternative ingredient of a similar structure. A product may also be changed to improve the benefits of the mix in the best interests of the farmer.