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Roche's Feeds, Limerick, (J. H. Roche & Sons), is a family owned business founded in 1879.

We are currently in our third manufacturing facility. The first two maunfacturing plants were situated on William Street, and the company moved to it's present location based on the Dock Road in Limerick in 1995 where it specialises in the manufacture of top quality Animal feed to UFAS standards for the Irish market.

Roche's feeds, Limerick, is one of the last family owned feed mills in the country. The company has developed its business from a small manufacturing unit producing 21,000 tonnes per annum in 1994 and employing 18 staff, to a company which is now one of the leading suppliers of Animal Feed, projected to manufacture in excess of 150,000 tonnes in 2015 and at present employing over 40 staff.

Our business is confined to a 150 km radius of the manufacturing plant which allows full maximisation of our haulage fleet. Roche's Feeds have over 7000 customers on a specially designed Satellite Navigation System that has improved delivery time and accuracy. At present, all bulk delivery times are no more than 36 normal working hours from time of order.

We manufacture a full range of products which cater for Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Pig and Poultry. A lot of these products are tailor-made by our in house Nutritionist. The Nutritionist deals directly with clients and custom designs feed programmes so that the animals can reach optimum performance. this action alone creates customer loyalty and more importantly ensures the customer receives what they have ordered. We guarantee our clients "what they order is what they get". 

Quality Assurance

Over the past number of years, Roche's Feeds has achieved various certifications in the Animal Feeds processing Industry such as ISO 9001:2000. The ISO 9001:2000 has now been replaced by the higher standard, known as the Universal Feed Assurance Scheme (UFAS). Annual Audits are carried out to ensure that the company strictly adheres to Animal Feed Standards and Legislation. The UFAS accreditation quality system allows full traceability from the end customer back to the Raw Material Supplier in the country of origin. It supports the Irish Department of Agriculture Policy of "Farm to Fork" traceability.

Roche's Feeds was the first Animal feeds plant to be inspected and approved by the European Department of Agriculture, which set a very high standard within the Irish Feed Industry.

Our Millmaster Software system ensures full traceability of feed from the source of Raw Materials to Finished Feed on farm. At Roche's feeds we pride ourselves on the dedicated production lines that we have manufacturing top quality feeds. Our tailor-made nutrition programmes on farm have resulted in clients achieving better milk yield rates and higher thrive rates for finished beef cattle.

At Roche's Feeds we have one main objective across the board from Production to Sales . . . that our customers are looked after from first point of contact to the end product.

We believe at Roche's we have a unique connection as a family business. We deal with farmers in their family business and we believe this link is important to build on.


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We at Roche's Feeds wish to advise customers that every effort has been made to make the information on this website accurate. However rations may have to be changed at the discretion of the Nutritionist as a result of market forces.  Should this arise we will substitute the product with an alternative ingredient of a similar structure. A product may also be changed to improve the benefits of the mix in the best interests of the farmer.