Roches Feeds quality poultry feeds are carefully formulated incorporating the latest nutritional knowledge to maximise results. The range of products available are as follows

Layers pellets
Layers pellets are formulated to meet energy and protein requirements to yield high production. Added vitamins and minerals compliment the high rates of barley. Maize, soya for optimum production whilst maintaining good egg size, numbers and shell quality.

Turkey Grower
Turkey grower is a seasonal product that we manufacture from mid august to December. This diet is a fully balanced mix for turkeys with specially designed vitamins that we include to aid normal growth and nutrition

Turkey finisher
Turkey finisher is a follow on product from turkey grower. It is a pellet that is fed to turkeys that are being fattened for Christmas. Usually fed at six weeks. It also has added vitamins specially designed for Roches turkey Finisher, together with high rates of wheat added during the manufacturing process to boost protein content.