The Management Team

Bobby Roche

 Bobby Roche - CEO

Bobby has worked with the company since 1979 after graduating from UCD with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree. Appointed Chief Executive in 1996, following the retirement of James P. Roche. He has control over the Financial, HR, IT and Administration functions within the company.


Peter Roche

 Peter Roche - Maintenance & Bulk Transport

Peter joined the company in 1993 after completing an Accounting Technician Course in LIT Limerick and became a director of the company in 2000. He was appointed Maintenance Manager and Transport Manager also in 2000. His main function is to see that the plant is running at maximum efficiency and to organise the delivery of bulk finished products.


Richard E. Roche

 Richard E. Roche - Sales

Richard joined the company in 1995 after graduating from NUI Maynooth with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and became a director of the company in 2000. He was appointed Sales Manager also in 2000. His main function is to manage the 13 sales reps and develop new sales.   


Paul Hennessy

 Paul Hennessy - Nutritionist

Appointed Company Nutritionist in 1998. Paul began working with company in 1994 after graduating from UCD with a Bachelor of Agricultural Science Degree and was appointed Company Nutritionist in 1998 following the retirement of James P. Roche.  He was appointed a director of the company in 2003. He is in charge of the Raw Material Purchasing and Product Development.


Conor Roche

Conor Roche - Quality Assurance & Bag Transport

Conor joined the company in 2001 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Trinity College, Dublin.  He was appointed a Director of the company in 2006.  Conor’s main function is overseeing the company's quality assurance accreditation and management of payroll and bag transportation.


Eddie O’Doherty - Production Manager

Eddie joined the company in 1984 after Ranks Ireland closed down in Limerick. Eddie was appointed Production Manager in 1993.  He has worked in the Provender Industry in Ireland for over 38 years.  Eddie is in charge of all production and quality control within the plant. Eddie's production knowledge and experience in the trade has been passed on to the other members of his exceptional production team.  

Latest news

Fodder Calculator

Our Fodder Budget Calculator will let you calculate how much fodder you currently have, how much you need and whether or not you have a shortage or surplus. It is important to decide sooner rather than later what the shortfall is and how best to make it up if there is one.... Read More »

Grass Watch 2018 - Week 32


Samples for week 32 were taken on the 06/08/18. Growth rates across the country continue to vary with some areas experiencing more rainfall than others. Unfortunately grass still remains scarce in many areas but in the West and Southwest of the country where they have received substantial amounts of rainfall grass growth has been good..[click below to read on]... Read More »

Grass Watch 2018 - Week 30

Samples for last week were taken on 30/7/18. Although most parts of Ireland received rain last week, there was significant regional variation in the amount received, with soil moisture deficits remaining very high in Eastern and Southern parts of the country. Due to the high soil moisture deficits in these parts grass growth remains very low for Leinster at 22kgDM/ha/day and Munster at 26kgDM/ha/day. Conditions in Connacht are that bit more favourable with grass growth at 51kgDM/ha/day in some areas.[click below to read on] ... Read More »



We at Roche's Feeds wish to advise customers that every effort has been made to make the information on this website accurate. However rations may have to be changed at the discretion of the Nutritionist as a result of market forces.  Should this arise we will substitute the product with an alternative ingredient of a similar structure. A product may also be changed to improve the benefits of the mix in the best interests of the farmer.